Anastasia Brill Prefers Sex With Her Mouth…

Anastasia's Blowjob LoveSo let’s get back to fresh, young newcomers (ahem) to the adult scene, and real 3D Porn Starlets in particular.

Anastasia Brill is new to 3D and even high definition 2D, it seems, so it’s all the more rewarding to catch her here at DeepStars3D, performing her favorite sex act of all – fellatio.

In fact, in one interview on a French adult news site, she plainly said she prefers sucking to fucking.

When asked why she had decided to get into the business, Brill answered, coyly and with a fetching Euro-accented English: “Because I like sex with my mouth…”

Another interesting factoid about her is that she prefers sex on porn sets, for the camera, than at home. “I love experts,” she explained.

We feel she demonstrates that passion and lust for giving head in her very first 3D porn video scenes with DeepStars3D – which still comes across amazingly in the streamable high-definition 2D footage too, all documented for posterior – uhm, posterity in huge, quality still pics as well. Check out Anastasia’s Oral fetish

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